Project Management and Site Supervisor

Building and managing a broad chain of participants and their relationships in the implementation of any construction project management causes a genuine headache for any Customer. House Of Bamboo, a professional Construction Project Manager successfully relieves the Customer of the inconvenience and gives him the opportunity to free up time and concentrate resources of site supervisor to solve the problems of his construction work. The project manager assumes all the worries and responsibilities for the organization of processes related to the implementation of the construction project, leaving the Customer only pleasant troubles. The construction supervision in Pakistan together with the Customer determines the priorities of the Customer, outlines the most optimal ways to achieve the construction project goals based on these priorities and minimizes the risks of the Customer in the process of project implementation.

On Site Supervision

On site supervision is an integral part of the Construction Project Management is to assist the Customer in choosing other project participants, such as design organizations (architects, engineers), contractors, furniture suppliers, etc. Experience in organizing numerous tenders and subsequent work with winning architects, engineers and contractors allows us to see in their commercial proposals not only deviations from market prices or project documentation, but also non-obvious risks. We carry out for Customers the search for reliable partners and conduct negotiations in order to achieve conditions that best meet the project interests of the construction supervision services in Pakistan and are also best construction company in Lahore , Pakistan. For each stage of the tender, we prepare a report that clearly compares the proposals of the participants, which allows us to ensure the transparency of the procedure and make a rational choice.

  • We provide all the main types of consulting in construction site supervision.

    • Examination of the site or premises selected for construction, risk assessment.

    • Analysis of design, permitting, estimate documentation; execution of contracts.

    • Calculation of the preliminary enlarged cost of design and construction works, analysis of estimates, cost optimization.

    • Solution of issues on construction control.

    • Preparation of enlarged schedules for the implementation of the project as a whole,  schedules of design and construction and installation works.

    Analysis and optimization of design solutions.

houseofbamboo provides consulting services in construction at all stages of the project. We will develop the most optimal strategy for achieving the goals of the project and help to find the best solutions in each case.

For one-time projects, it is inexpedient to create a specialized staff of employees who are well versed in the processes of obtaining approvals, permits and construction, perfectly know the standards and regulations have practical skills in working with estimates. For one-time investor projects, it is much more profitable construction site supervision in Lahore  to attract consulting companies in the field of construction.

Even an experienced developer company that successfully operates in the market may face unforeseen problems. Employees of the project management company will always come to the rescue; prompt a way out of a difficult situation.

Our Site Supervisor consulting cost in Lahore

For each customer, we prepare a commercial offer taking into notice the specifics of his project. The cost of site supervisor consulting services consists of the team of necessary specialists, the volume and complexity of the tasks and the time expected for the provision of services. Let contact us and give your all construction worries to us.  We will never let you disappointed about our project management services.